We offer following services:


Equipment rental of dosimeters for the measurement of

  • Beta, gamma and alpha radiation

 Equipment rental from IMS and PID for

  •     environmental protection, emission monitoring
  •     Monitoring of workplaces and clean rooms
  •     Process and quality control
  •     Monitoring of product purity of gases (e.g. hydrogen)
  •     Detection of drugs and pharmaceuticals
  •     Medical diagnostics (breath analysis)

Development, manufacturing and marketing of

  • Sensors
  • Component groups
  • Complete system solutions

Measurement and verification of

  • Alpha, beta and gamma radiation as well as X-rays
  • Dangerous chemical substances
  • Other physical parameters

Realisation of custom-designed solutions and services in

  • Development and construction
  • Manufacturing of electronical and mechanical components, devices and complete systems

Recycling of enclosed radioactive systems

In accordance with handling licences issued by the Saxon State Office for Environment and Geology, STEP GmbH is authorised to carry out the reprocessing and disposal of radioactive materials, especially of functionally significant radiation sources and reference sources from:

  • Ionisation smoke detectors
  • Ra-D-sources from mist chambers
  • Spinthariscopes
  • Radiometers for environment and radiation protection
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Laboratory instruments and many other types of instruments
  • Level meter indicators

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In particular gaseous nuclides are recovered and completely recycled, especially H-3 (tritium) and Kr-85.

Our handling licence covers following nuclides:
  • H-3
  • Kr-85
  • Sr-90
  • Pd-103
  • I-125
  • Cs-137
  • Ra-226
  • Am241
  • Pm-147

In cooperation with an authorised common carrier, we also carry out the transportation of dangerous goods.

Our products and services are used in following fields of

  • Medicine and nuclear medicine
  • Research
  • Industry
  • Authorities and public institutions

We also offer complete solutions in cooperation with our associate partners.


  • Development of electronics - especially electronics near a sensor for a lot of applications focused on measuring very low currents
  • 2D- and 3D- construction as well as manufacturing of mechanical components up to complete solutions of automation by using modern CNC-technologies
  • Software design - on various platforms (PC, DSP, micro-controller of various manufacturers)
  • Repair and recycling of radiation measuring instruments and ionisation smoke detectors of the former manufacturer ROBOTRON Messelektronik Dresden
  • Calibration of measuring instruments / irradiation of samples
  • Climatic testing of components and measuring instruments
  • Consulting and problem solving in the field of radiation measurement and radiation protection