Sensortechnik & Elektronik Pockau GmBh

STEP Sensortechnik und Elektronik GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of devices and complete systems as well as a service provider for nuclear medicine, for authorities and for industry.


We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Development, manufacturing and distribution of:

  •     Sensors
  •     assemblies
  •     systems

Realization of customized solutions and services:

  •     Development and design
  •     Manufacturing of electronic and mechanical assemblies, devices  and complete systems

Measurements for the detection of:

  •     Alpha, beta and gamma radiation as well as X-rays.
  •     many chemical substances
  •     Other physical quantities

Our products and services are used in the following areas:

  •     Medicine and nuclear medicine
  •     Research
  •     Industry
  •     Authorities and government institutions