The STEP Sensortechnik and Elektronik Pockau GmbH was founded in 1993. The location, formerly Werk2 of the ROBOTRON Messtechnik Dresden, provided over 35 years tradition and experience with the development and production of nuclear radiation measurement and fire alarm systems. Through the steady development and expansion of its production and service profile, STEP is a reliable partner for innovative products in the national and international market for sensor and measuring technologies.



R&D topic of hazardous substance sampling (CBRN) with unmanned aerial systems.

Order for environmental monitoring of refineries in the government program of Saudi Arabia.


Participation in the Fraunhofer IPMS Dresden development project to research and implement a FAIMS-based ion mobility spectrometer.



Major contract to supply IMS equipment to Prague Metro.


Release of new homepage. Development of new IMS for disease detection.




Delivery of a DLMon complete system (16 detectors SON16 and 16 single door displays AT-1) to the company NPP-Gamma ( www.npp-gamma.kz) for the hospital 'Center for Nuclear Medicine and Oncology of Semey City'.The DLMon system was approved by NPP-Gamma as a dosimetry system in Kazakhstan.




Development of a "Hydrogen Quality Monitor" to assess the purity of hydrogen as an energy carrier according to DIN EN 17124, ISO 14687 and SAE J2719. Development of a diagnostic system for the early detection of ketosis and acidosis diseases of dairy cows by means of breath diagnostics during the milking process.







Upgrading of the DLMon system technology (hardware, PC, software upgrade, HL7 interface) in the nuclear medicine ward of the 'Tirol Kliniken GmbH' in Innsbruck. Further development and test of the STEP OD-02 local dosimeter for the detection of laser-induced low-energy X-ray radiation when using ultrashort pulse lasers.





Development and manufacturing of AMC Monitor (Measurement of Airborne Molecular Contamination).





Development and manufacturing of a new generation of stationary and mobile IMS and GC-PID based gas chromatograph for environmental and industrial process monitoring




Strategic cooperation with STEP Analytics USA

Development, manufacturing and NRC-approval 19” ion-mobility spectrometer (IMS) for environmental and industrial process monitoring

Market introduction of the radio-dose rate measurement system RMon2

Contribution to the clinical trial of the screening system for the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative retina damage




Development and manufacturing of the local dosimeter OD-02, designed for the measurement of local dose metrics, directional and ambient dose equivalent

Collaboration with TU Dresden, BioStep and TSO in the development of spectroscopic procedures to detect cell damage and implementation of a screening system for the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative retina damage




Development of the mobile, miniaturized gas chromatograph based on a photo-ionization detector (GC-PID) to measure environmental pollutants

Market introduction and first delivery of GC-PID to British Petrol (BP)

Development and manufacturing of Cell Degradation Indicator (CDI) for the simulation of accelerated degradation of solar cells in commission of Roth & Rau AG




Development and market introduction of the new generation of pocket radiometers SM3D, SM5D, SM7D and SM8D




Development of a flow-optimized cryo-ablation cell for analytical applications of laser ablation-ICP mass spectrometry




Market introduction of the alpha-beta-area activity and gamma-dose measurement device SM7D




Serial production of the radiation protection dosimeter OD-01

Initialization of the development process of the ion-mobility spectrometer (IMS) for the real time detection of biofilm signal peptides




Development of the local dosimeter OD-01 for the measurement of the new local dose H*(10) and H´(0,07) in radiation protection applications




Development and manufacturing of eye applicators and dosimetry devices for the therapy of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), jointly with Neovista Inc., USA




Construction and start-up of the X-ray section for measurement to calibrate radioprotection measurement systems

Industrial research on the usage of neutrons induced measurement and detection procedures within the research project "High resolution metrological components for solid material detection", jointly with the ZAFT at Dresden University of Applied Sciences




Development of applicators and calibration / dosimetry systems for the therapy of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), jointly with Neovista Inc., USA




Initiation of the successful collaboration with Centre for Applied Research and Technology (ZAFT) at Dresden University of Applied Sciences

Development and manufacturing of measurement and management systems for miniature radiation sources to be used in medical applications (radiation therapy of prostate carcinoma and vascular constriction in the coronary area), jointly with Neovista Inc., USA

Certification of the quality management system according the DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 norm




In commission of the Federal Office of Radiation Protection a new generation of local dosimeters for beta and gamma radiation was developed and subsequently produced




Start of production of the IMS detector for Dräger AG, Lübeck




Investment into modern CNC-technology for tool and test agent construction as well as manufacturing of mechanical components




Certification of the quality management system according the DIN EN ISO 9001 norm




Development and manufacturing of the dose rate measurement system DLMon for the application in the radioiodine therapy-since then STEP equipped over 20 hospitals including clinics in Germany, Austria, UK, China, South Korea, and United Arab Emirates




Planning, construction, and implementation of a recycling facility for substances of low radiation

Investments in advanced measuring and climate test technologies




STEP exclusively equips the German custom authority with its pocket dosimeters SVS-3 and SVS-5




Development and market introduction of the X-ray-gamma dosimeter RGD-27091