Survey Meter SM 8 D

The Survey Meter SM8D is a microprocessor based pocket radio meter for a proof of small alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays.



  • Medical sciences, industry, development
  • Measurement of ambient dose rate and dose in mixed alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Assessment of workplaces regarding radiation protection

Technical specifications

  • Easy to use, light and robust
  • Uncompensated GM tube with thin mica window
  • Basen on a microcontroller with a backlit graphical LCD
  • Measurement of dose rate and dose (µSv/h / µSv, cps / imp, Bq/cm²)
  • Wide energy range for photons (10 keV … 1.3 MeV)
  • 0,1 … 999 µSv/h
  • Quality detection of Alpha and Beta activity
  • Surface activity determination
  • Acoustic and optical signal of counter tube pulses
  • Detection overflow of counter tube
  • Detection exeeded measuring range
  • With trend information in display
  • USB-Port

Delivery contents

  • Survey Meter SM8D in case
  • Energy compensating filter
  • One set of batteries
  • Technical description

Optional accessories

  • Optional accessories
  • Software CD
  • Probe tray with console
SM8D Bedienungsanleitung 25-09-2017.pdf
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Software Manual
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Previous models

Survey Meter SM 3 D

Service and calibration only, replaced by SM 8 D
  • Portable, digital pocket radiometer for measurement of the ambient dose rate equivalent dH*(10)/dt
  • Dose rate display range: 0 … 999 µSv/h
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Survey Meter SM 5 D

Service and calibration only, replaced by SM 8 D

Portable, digital pocket radiometer for measurment of the dose rate equivalent of X-rays and gamma radiation and for the measurement of the area activity of alpha and beta radiation


Display ranges:

  • Dose rate: 0 .. 300 µSv/h
  • Area activity: 0 .. 199 Bq/cm²

Survey Meter SM 7 D

Service and calibration only, replaced by SM 8 D

The SM 7 D is a high sensitive pocket radiometer to detect low activity of alpha, beta, X-ray and gamma radiation. It includes a USB interface. Over a optional available PC- software the measured values can be displayed and analyzed.



  • Medicine, industry and research institutions
  • Detecting of food contaminations
  • Enviromental monitoring

Technical Features

  • Easy to use, lightweight and durable
  • Measuring the pulse rate of 0.1 to 2000 cps
  • Large energy range for photons (10 kev … 1.3 MeV)
  • USB-Port