Mobile or stationary gas analysis device for detection of a variety of toxic gases and vapors.

  • Detection of toxic and hazardous substances
  • Enviromental protection, emission monitoring
  • Food analysis
  • Monitoring MAC values of workstations
  • Medical diagnostics, respiration diagnosis
  • High sensitivity and selectivity
  • Low responce time
  • Quasi-continuous measurement (min. measurement interval: 2-30 sec) up to 5 h mobile measuring (Mobile device)
  • Easy operations and maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Available as mobile or stationary 19" version
  • Integrated mini PC with Win-OS and 7" touch display
  • Programmable measuring sequences
  • Interfaces: LAN, optional ModBus / OPC
  • Additional evaluation software for PC



  • Stationary STEP IMS in 19" housing
  • Stationary STEP IMS for wall mounting
  • Mobile STEP IMS
  • Mobile Mini STEP IMS
  • STEP GC-IMS (mobile and stationary)


Prospekt STEP stationary and mobile IMS
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 192.7 KB
STEP-EMCEL Hydrogen Quality Measurement
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 175.9 KB
Video TDI measurement with STEP IMS
Measurement TDI in Polyurethane Sample w
MP3 Audio Datei 4.7 MB
STEP Hydrogen Quality Measurement and An
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Dilution System (KaDi)

 STEP KaDi is a device used in conjunction with STEP IMS or GC-PID to dilute samples whose concentration is above the possible measuring range of the measuring instruments, which are extremely toxic and must be diluted in order to be measured or to create defined concentrations of substances for the calibration of gas measuring instruments and analyzers..