Special Applications

Radiation Probe Type STS

STS Sensor
  • Compact, rugged probe for beta- and gamma-radiation
  • Aluminium housing, fixed details
  • Operating voltage +24V DC
  • LED-status-display

Fields of application:

  • Detection of radiation sources (e.g. during handling processes) - possible to integrate in automatical processes
  • Localisation of radiation sources, even at inaccessible places
  • Measurement of activity (e.g. by using a counter)

Standard model:

  • Output active if pre-selected dose rate threshold is exceeded


  • Output-current: 4 - 20 mA
  • Pulse Output

Technical Specifications

Custom-Designed Solutions

Download: STS-Standard Data Sheet (*.pdf, 72 KB)

Radioactivity Measurement Insatllation GM-01

  • Radioactive gamma radiation detection
  • Prevention of radioactive substances in materials for example such materials as in a recycling facility
  • System customization and upgrade ability to meet requirements specified by the customer (e.g. see figure)
Technical Specifications GM-01

Data Sheet GM-01 (*. pdf, 106 KB)
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