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Note: All personal dosimeter are trading goods !


THERMO Electron Personal Dosimeter EPD Mk2

  • Equipped with an IrDA-Infrared-Interface (Range up to 1 m) Siemens EPD Mk2
  • Bidirectional communication with a reader with an IrDA-interface and a RS232-connection. It also communicates with a computer (Windows operating system beginning from Windows 98 SE) or an access control station.
  • Lightweighted and rugged
  • Design: small and ergonimic

Technical Specifications

Personal dose meter PM1610 (Polimaster)

  • Measurement of continuous and pulsed X-Ray and gamma radiation with a pulse duration above 1 ms
  • Lightweight, compact, simple and easy to use
  • Wide measuring range for the dose and dose rate equivalent up to 10 Sv respectively 10 Sv/h
  • Wide energy range from 20 keV to 10 MeV
  • Two separate alarm thresholds for dose and dose rate
  • Audible, visual and vibration alarm
  • USB Interface
  • Hermetically sealed and shock-resistant housing
Technical Specifications: Polimaster PM1610

Download: Prospect PM1610 (*.pdf)

Polismart II PM1904APolismart II

  • Continuos monitoring of gamma emitting radiation sources
  • Small size device
  • Can be used independently or with an iOS or Android device
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Mobile app available for download in App Store or Google Play Store

Wrist gamma indicator PM1208M (Polimaster)

  • Continuous monitoring of the situation of radiation around the clock PM 1208M
  • Indication of dose, dose rate an the time of dose accumulation
  • Capacity of the non-volatile memory is up to 500 values for dose and dose rate
  • Transferring the saved data to PC via an infrared interface
  • Digital and analogue scale for dose and dose rate
  • Shows the digital time and date
  • Shows current time on an analogue clock-face
  • Electroluminescence background-illumination for the digital display
  • Alarm clock function
  • When the preset alarm thresholds are exceeded, an audible warning signal is given
  • Waterproofed housing (down to a depth of 100 m)
  • Two-step-control for battery discharge
Technichal Specifications Polimaster PM1208M

Download: Datasheet PM1208M (*.pdf)

Personal Dosimeter Ra-D-60

  • Calibratable personal dosimeter
  • Digital display for integrated dose or optionally dose rate
  • 6 User selectable alarm levels for both, dose an dose rate
  • Splash-proofed, impact resistant plastic case with a strong pocktet clip
  • EMC-compatible
  • Infrared-interface

Technical Specifications

Personal dose meter PM1621/M (Polimaster)

  • Combination of a search monitor and a dose meter in one device (PM1621M)
  • Hermetically sealed and impact-proofed body
  • Easy-weighted, compact and user-friendly
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarm
  • Wide energy and measurement range
  • Two alarm thresholds for dose and dose rate equivalent
  • IrDA-Interface
Technical Specifications: Polimaster PM1621

Download: Prospect PM1621 (*.pdf)

Personal Combined Radiation Detector/Dosimeter PM1703MO-1 (Polimaster)

  • Detectors for gamma radiation: highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector allows for searching of the gamma radiation sources and together with small-sized GM tube detector allows for measuring dose rate of gamma radiation in the wide energy range
  • Audible, vibrating and visual alarm
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Infrared connection to PC
  • Impact-proofed plastic housing
  • Easy-weighted and compact
  • User-friendly
Technical Specifications Polimaster PM1703MO-1

Download: Datasheet PM1703MO-1 (*.pdf)


Wrist Gamma Dosimeters PM1603A/B and Personal Compact Dosimeters PM1604A/B (Polimaster)

  • The devices PM1603A / PM1603B are for measuring the ambient dose and doserate equivalent H*(10) and dH*(10)/dt of gamma radiation.
  • The devices PM1604A / PM1604B are for measuring the deep personal dose and doserate Hp(10) and dHp(10)/dt of gamma radiation and X-rays. Resistance against radiation up to 300 Sv.
  • These devices may be carried either on the wrist or the breast pocket
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Infrared connection to PC
  • LC-Display with electroluminescene background lightning
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Easy-weighted an compact
  • Hermetically sealed and impact-proofed housing, IP 67
Technical Specifications Polimaster PM1603A/B PM1604A/B

Download: Datasheet PM1603A/B PM1604A/B (*.pdf)


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