Technical Specifications Large-Scale-Display DLMon

Intelligent Large-Scale Displays: Type GAT-1

Intelligent large-scale displays for visual presentation of measuring values.

Presentation of measuring values:

  • 9-Digit LED-display (5 x 8 dot-matrix-display) for presentation of measuring values as well as info-text (height of the digits: 60 mm)
  • 3 LED's (red, yellow, green) for immediately signalling if thresholds are exceeded (threshold can be chosen separately for each display)
  • Data transfer by an RS-485 interface
  • Storage of all relevant parameters in an EEPROM


  • 9-Digit LED-display (5 x 8 dot-matrix-display)
  • Micro-controller with an internal memory
  • 128-kByte-FLASH-EEPROM
  • Data transfer over an RS-485 interface
  • 3 internal thresholds , freely programmable
  • Self-monitoring of all external and internal operating voltages and the interface
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