Radiation Monitoring Systems

Intelligent Dose and Dose Rate Measuring System

Symbol DLMonIntelligent Monitoring System to measure and display dose and dose rate for medical and general applications with computer assisted analysis of acquired data.

It is suitable for patient-monitoring in nuclear medical radio-iodine-therapy, for room- and process- monitoring of laboratories and nuclear power plants as well as general monitoring at manufacturing radio nuclides.

Several bus-compatible components (up to 255) can be arranged in a custom-designed and universal monitoring system. The analysis software bases on a modern client-server-concept and allows a fast incorporation of special customer demands in terms of analysis and presentation of acquired data.

Data Sheet DLMon/RMon (*.pdf, 248 KB)


  • Intelligent, bus-compatible Detector with an internal micro-controller
  • Intelligent, bus-compatible Single and Double Displays with an internal micro-controller and selectable threshold, incl. alarm
  • Intelligent, bus-compatible Large-Scale Displays with special functions
  • Central data acquisition and processing unit (consisting of PC, printer, no-break power supply and RS-485 interface)
  • Client-Server-Software (operating systems: Windows NT, 2000, XP)
  • Data storage in a MS-SQL data base
  • References
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