The company

The STEP Sensortechnik und Elektronik Pockau GmbH was founded in 1993.

In continuation of over 35 years of experience and tradition in the development and production of nuclear radiation measurement and fire alarm systems of the former company ROBOTRON Messelektronik Dresden, Werk2 Pockau since been the product program and the performance profile continuously renewed and expanded.


  • Development of a flow-optimized cryo-ablation for analytical applications of laser ablation-ICP mass spectrometry
  • Development of PC software for Survey Meter SM 7 D
  • Market introduction of Survey Meter SM 7 D
  • Development of† PC software for dosemeter OD-01
  • Development and manufacturing of Gamma- Monitor GM-01, designed for use in recycling facilities
  • Development of Water treatment plants ( TRIWOX)
  • Market introduction of dosimeter OD-01, Radiation detector with special ionization chamber for low energy
  • Development of pocket Survey Meter SM 3 D and SM 5 D
  • Development and manufacturing of Radiation Protection Dosimeter RGD- 27091 U for measure the new ambient dose equivalent dose and dose rate
  • Development and construction of a special eye model with magnetic applicator for training of doctors (with the U.S. company NeoVista Inc.)
  • Development and manufature of applicator and Dosimetric to treat wet macular degeneration.(with the U.S. company NeoVista Inc.)
2005 / 2006:
  • Construction of an Radiation Laboratory with X-ray tube for testing and calibration of our measuring radiation devices and systems†
2000 -2004:
  • Development of electronic components for ion mobiliy spectrometer (IMS) with I.U.T. Berlin GmbH
  • Investment in modern CNC technology for tool making and mechanical manufacturing
  • Development of dosemeter for beta radiation BD-01
  • Development of a new generation of dosemeter for beta and gamma radiontion
  • Construction of test equipment for quality control in the process of manufacturing of miniature radiation sources in brachytherapy
  • Introduction and Certification of the quality system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
1997 / 1998
  • Development of a Doserate Monitoring System DLMon for radio iodine therapy in nuclear medicine
1995 / 1996:
  • Development of a common recycling plant for Kr-85 with I.U.T. Berlin GmbH
  • Investment in modern electrical and climate testing equipment
  • Market introduction of case radiometer SVS3 and SVS5†
  • Development of ionization smoke detector IRM 411
  • Market introduction of the new X-ray-gamma dosimeter RGD 27091
  • Handling license for sealed radioactiv materials (RAM)

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